A Better Open Source PAM in Multi-Cloud Environment

JumpServer Privileged Access Management (PAM) Complying with 4A Protocol of Operation and Security Auditing





Advantages of JumpServer

Open Source

No Plugin Required

Distributed Deployment

Multi-Cloud Supported

Auditing Record on Cloud


Feature List

Login Authentication

Unified Login and Authentication for resource; LDAP/AD authentication; RADIUS authentication; Single Sign-on (OpenID authentication, CAS authentication); SSO intergration;

Multi-factor Authentication

MFA with Google Authenticator, RADIUS authentication, etc;

Login Suvpervision (X-Pack)

Any user’s login behavior is supervised and controlled by the administrator;

Multi-dimensional Authorization

Users, user groups, assets, nodes of assets, applications and system users can be authorized;

Asset Authorization

Displayed in a tree structure, assets and nodes of the asset tree can be flexibly authorized; Assets in nodes can inherit the authorization automatically; Child nodes automatically inherit the authorization from parent nodes;

Database Authorization

Support database authorization including MySQL, MariaDB, Redis, MongoDB, Oracle Database(X-Pack), PostgreSQL (X-Pack), SQL Server (X-Pack), ClickHouse (X-Pack);

Application Authorization

Support finer-grained application authorization;

Kubernetes Licensing

Support users to connect Kubernetes clusters through JumpServer;


Enable Windows system to be more fine-grained authorization, and audit recordings of application operation through playback;

Action Authorization

Deeper restriction on the control of file upload, download and connection actions of authorized assets. Control the permission of clipboard copy/paste (from outer terminal to current asset) (only Windows assets)

Time Authorization

The available (or accessible) time of authorized resources is supervised and controlled ;

Privileged Instruction

Support privileged instructions and black and whitelist;

Command Filtering

It can control the commands executed by authorized system users; Authorized system users’ command execution is under control.

File Transfer and Management

Support SFTP file upload/download and Web SFTP file management;

Ticket Management (X-Pack)

Control user’s login requests, and support applications of ticket for authorization;

Sub-account Management ( X-Pack )

Support multi-tenant management and privilege isolation;

Centralized Account Management

Support management of management user and system user;

User’s Role

Support 5 roles including super administrator, super auditor, organizational administrator (X-Pack), organizational auditor (X-Pack) and normal user;

Unified Password Management

Support asset password managed service; Automatic generation of password; Automatic push of password; Password expiration setting;

Password change Schduler(X-Pack)

Support regular password changing by batch Linux/Windows; Generate random-password; Implement multiple password strategies;

Multi-cloud Asset Management(X-Pack)

Support unified automated asset management of private cloud and public cloud;

Discover Host Status (X-Pack)

Support regular discovering of host status by customizing;

Password Box(X-Pack)

Support unified operations of checking, updating and testing the user password of the host;

Login Auditing

Support for auditing the logs of users logging into the JumpServer system and collecting the audit information to Syslog;

Operation Auditing

Support user operation behavior auditing;

Session Auditing

Support online session content auditing and historical session content auditing;

Video Auditing

Support auditing recordings of asset operations (such as Linux and Windows machine) and application operations, such as RemoteApp(X-Pack), MySQL, Kubernetes and others, through playback, and support uploading records to public clouds;

Instruction Auditing

Support auditing operation commands of asset and application and alerting to commands with high risks;

File Transfer Auditing

Support auditing the records of the file upload/download;

Real Time Monitoring

Provide the capability of monitoring and interrupting the user’s operation behavior in real time to the administrator/auditor, so as to improve the security of user’s operation.

Trial of JumpServer Enterprise Edition

Try the Enterprise Edition of JumpServer now for a different PAM product.

X-Pack Enhancement Packages

Compared with the Open Source Edition, JumpServer Enterprise Edition provides X-Pack enhancement packages for enterprise-level application scenarios and high-level original enterprise-level support services, effectively helping organizations quickly build and operate their own security auditing system of operation and maintenance .

Connecting Database by Web UI
Support Multiple Databases
Sub-account Management
Multi-cloud Asset Management
Customized User Interface
Password Change Schduler
RemoteApp Features
Performance Optimization of Hyper-scale Assets
Ticket Management
Discover Host Status

Content of Enterprise-Level Support Services

Service Content
Customer support

7x24 ticket and telephone support services, responding to tickets of customer within1 hour. After receiving the fault report, the engineer assists the customer in troubleshooting software faults in time through telephone support, remote access, etc.

Installation and Training Services

Original services can provide professional support services (such as on-site installation, on-site emergency assistance, software troubleshooting, training, etc.) and related consulting services based on IT planning of organizations.

Emergency Services
Expert Advisory Services
Software Upgrade Services

Patches and enhanced function packages to seamlessly upgrade software versions, etc.

Online Self-service

The customer support portal keeps customers posted with the latest software features, maintenance experience, use skills, and any other related knowledge.

Three Versions of JumpServer Enterprise Edition

Supported Deployment Methods
How to Order
JumpServer Enterprise Edition (Standard)
The maximum asset number supported by JumpServer Enterprise Edition (standard) is 500 units, including X-Pack enhancement packages and enterprise-level support services.
Support stand-alone or cold standby installation
By instance
JumpServer Enterprise Edition (Professional)
The maximum asset number supported by JumpServer Enterprise Edition (Professional) is 5000 units, including X-Pack enhancement packages and enterprise-level support services.
Support stand-alone or cold standby installation
By instance
JumpServer Enterprise Edition (Ultimate)
The asset number supported by JumpServer Enterprise Edition (Ultimate) is unlimited, including X-Pack enhancement packages and enterprise-level support services.
Support three kinds of installation: stand-alone, hot standby or high availability
By instance

Note: If you need to use the active/standby or high-availability installation, you need to purchase two sets of JumpServer Enterprise Edition.


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